Equipment rental

Equipment rental for simultaneous translation, rental of sound system and tour guide system.

Rental equipment for simultaneous interpretation

It would be much more beneficial for you to rent, rather than purchase, equipment for simultaneous interpretation, if you only have few events per year requiring simultaneous interpreting.

What are the advantages of renting equipment:

  • Lower cost. Renting equipment for simultaneous interpreting will be a good deal versus its acquisition. You will rent this equipment for a certain period of time, and it will be delivered to a specified location. Our technicians will install and connect the system. It should be noted that equipment for simultaneous translation is always used with sound systems to monitor the volume in microphones and sound quality on the whole. Good sound quality in the booth is an essential factor in simultaneous interpretation. 

  • Full assembly. Where you need equipment for simultaneous interpretation, you can rent all necessary components. Thus, you will receive a booth for interpreters, earphones, transmitters, transducers, SI control panel, speaker systems etc. The booth plays an important role in sound proofing. Also, equipment for simultaneous interpretation includes individual headsets for all participants. Each participant will have a receiver and earphones. If there is only one target language, equipment will be set on an appropriate frequency. Where there’s a multi-lingual environment, a required channel will be selected by a listener or technical support staff. 

  • Technical support. Along with equipment for simultaneous interpretation, you will also receive competent technical support. Our Company’s technical support staff will monitor the equipment operation throughout the course of your event.


Rental of a sound system

All conference-rooms require sound systems in support of simultaneous interpretation. Interpreters will sit in a soundproof booth, and the sound amplification system is needed for them to hear what the speaker is saying. Therefore, the sound amplification system is a mandatory element to be provided where simultaneous interpreting is concerned.


Tour Guide System Rental (Whispering)

 Tour-guide system includes a compact body-pack transmitter and headset microphone and tour group listeners use portable receivers with lightweight headphones.  A tour guide system helps tour groups overcome background noise and distance from the tour guide-even in noisy surroundings. Tour guide systems are used in factories, museums, parks - anywhere tours are conducted.

Tour-guide system is often used for interpreting, in which case the system is commonly referred to as a “chuchotage”.

  Whispering interpreting  (chuchotage, in French) is a type of simultaneous interpreting.
How is it different from regular simultaneous interpreting?
- it requires no booth for interpreters;
- no control panels(s) for interpreters;
- interpreter does not wear earphones.
    Using the whisper system, simultaneous interpreter listens to the speaker in ‘live’ communication with no sound systems or earphones, and whispers into a highly sensitive microphone connected to portable transmitter. A simultaneous interpreter may either have a lapel or a headset microphone. With this high sensitive microphone the interpreter can speak at low volume so as not to disturb other participants listening to the speaker. The simultaneous interpreter’s transmitter is a mobile analog of those used during regular simultaneous interpretation and it is powered by batteries allowing him or her to move around the room. The listeners use portable receivers with headphones like they do during simultaneous interpretation.