Written translation

Translation Agency “Concord Centre” is able to perform written translation in different spheres, such as legal, financial, scientific, technical, medical, educational, etc.

Professional translation of texts and documents

Our Company offers professional translation of texts in a variety of topics to/from many languages. Our translators specialize in different industries. They are well-trained and have over 10 years of experience in translation.


 We translate texts of any level of complexity. This includes literary, as well as technical, medical, legal texts, press releases, ads, etc. Our qualified translators will translate your text at the highest professional level. Each translator specializes in certain fields and has in-depth knowledge of terminology, which will guarantee the highest quality of translation. You can be sure that we will provide you the most accurate translation of your text.


The ConcordCenter is a professional translation bureau. In addition to appropriate expertise and proven technology, we have a broad selection of various dictionaries helping our translators to achieve maximum accuracy of translation. We have specialized translators, and they will ensure that you get a stylistically correct and a good quality translation. Contact us.