Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation is one of the most difficult kinds of translations, which is done with the help of special equipment.

Simultaneous interpretation

In simultaneous interpretation the interpreter renders the message with no significant pauses or delay. The interpreter listens to the source language speaker and renders what has been said in the target language. Despite high prices and the need to use special equipment, simultaneous interpretation is an often time more cost-effective service than consecutive interpretation, considering that simultaneous interpretation reduces the duration of your event by almost half and allows you to save on premise and equipment rental and other costs. If you frequently need simultaneous interpretation, we can provide the simultaneous interpreters of your choice to continuously support your events.

All events have industry-specific requirements, topics and terminology. This requires thorough prior preparation to ensure effective delivery of service. It would be best to contact us in advance for us to be able to schedule the simultaneous interpretation service, and our interpreters to be able to review the materials that you provide.

Simultaneous interpreting is a very challenging process requiring appropriate expertise and skills. In addition to having in-depth knowledge of two languages, the interpreter needs to have excellent memory, ensure effective delivery and react fast. The interpreter must respond fast to any changes in the scenario that are inevitable at any large event and adapt to situations.